• Law Of the Sea

    United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) programmes

  • Employment Opportunities in Marine Science

    Several sites which provide listings of employment opportunities in marine sciences.

  • IOC Newsletters

    Many of the programmes of the IOC publish Newsletters. Here are links to some of these publications:


  • IOC Regional


    IOC Regional Sub-Commissions, Committees, Programme Offices and Project Offices


    Regional Sub-Commissions: IOCARIBE, IOCWESTPAC

    Regional  Committees: IOCEA, IOCINDIO, IOWIO, BSRC

    Regional Programme Offices: GOOS Rio, IOC Perth Office

    Project Offices: HAB, IODE, JTIC, Nairobi IODE, JCOMMOPS

        More:  IOC INF 1193 Guidelines Subsidiary Bodies

  • IOC Programmes
  • GOOS Regional Alliances


    GOOS Regional Alliances


    IOC-recognised regional alliances in yellow. Other cooperating observing systems in grey .

  • Marine Management


    The objective of IOC marine management activities is to assist IOC Member States in their efforts to build marine scientific and technological capabilities in the field of integrated coastal management as follow up of UNCED, Agenda 21. The IOC strive to provide reliable marine scientific data, develop methodologies, help countries operationalize ecosystem-based management, disseminate information and build interdisciplinary capacity through symposia, workshops, seminars and training courses.

  • Ocean Science

    The objective of IOC ocean science is to play a lead role in creating the conditions for good science and building a network of scientific logistic facilities at global and regional scale. Activities are clustered around the IOC high level objectives for 2008-2013 and the priority areas of research determined by the ad hoc Advisory Group for the IOC Ocean Sciences Section: climate change, ocean health and coastal research. IOC Ocean science activities also contribute to enhance scientific capabilities in developing nations, especially in Africa, in line with IOC-UNESCO priorities.

  • IOCARIBE Partners

    IOCARIBE works with many partners to further research and marine management in the Caribbean and adjacent regions.10 float deployed jpg

  • IOC Member States

    Web sites for IOC National Commissions, both UNESCO and IOC.