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Position Instructor, PhD.
Institution Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute [view]
Expertise Investigation of tsunami hydrodynamic parameters in inundation zone, Investigation of dispersion effect in shallower zone during tsunami inundation, Research and numerical modeling of tsunami generation, propagation, coastal amplification and inundation, Determination of tsunami damage in inundation zone, Tsunami risk assessment and mitigation strategies
Groups IOC
NEAMTWS Task Team (Co-chair Communication Test)
ICG/NEAMTWS Steering Committee (Co-Chair TT Communication Test)
Responsibilities Operations of Tsunami Early Warning Systems, NEAMTWS activities, Tsunami Numerical Modeling with very fine bathymetry and Topography, Determination of tsunami damage level in terms of tsunami hydrodynamics in inundation zone
Nationality Turkey
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Tel +905443966247

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