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Position IOCCP Project Director
Institution Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences [view]
Expertise Areas of my scientific expertise include marine carbon cycling with special interest in the surface ocean – lower atmosphere fluxes; combining satellite and reanalysis data with in situ measurements in order to parameterize climate related variables such as sea surface pCO2, DMS and other; designing and conducting field campaigns (TA, DIC and pCO2 measurements along the hydrographic sections); basin-wide to global mapping of investigated parameters using neural statistics, self-organizing maps and other computational methods; feedbacks between oceans and climate.
Groups IOC
GOOS Secretariat Staff (Panel: Biogeochemistry)
Regional GPO Staff
Observations Programme Area (OPA)
Observations Coordination Group (OCG) (IOCCP)
Ship Observations Team (SOT)
Ocean Sciences
Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP) (Link IOCCP)
GOOS Panels
GOOS Biogeochemistry Panel (IOCCP)
Responsibilities Responsible for global coordination of ocean carbon observations through a wide range of IOCCP activities;

Coordinator of Surface Ocean CO2 ATlas (SOCAT) Project;

Responsible for liaison activities with interdisciplinary global ocean observation and research programs;
Nationality Poland
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Tel +48 587 311 610
Address Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences
Instytut Oceanologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk
Powstańców Warszawy 55

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