Intersessional Financial Advisory Group, 2016-2017

30 August 2016 - 20 June 2017, Paris, France

In pursuance to Resolution XXVIII-3 (June 2015) and Resolution EC-XLIX-2 adopted by the IOC Executive Council at its 49th session in June 2016, the open-ended Intersessional Financial Advisory Group (IFAG) is re-constituted under the chairmanship of Vice-chair Ariel Troisi to provide guidance to the Executive Secretary in preparing the Draft Programme and Budget for 2018–2021 . The group will mainly work by correspondence.

After the issuance of IOC Circular Letter 2639, the group is composed of members from the following Member States: Australia, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Japan.

Under agenda item 1 (IOC Audit by the External Auditor - 2016), comments on the preliminary draft implementation plan were received from France and Kuwait. Find their contributions in the Document section.

7 Place de Fontenoy
75007 Paris

Organisers & Staff

  Ariel TROISI (contact for Chairperson)
  Xenia YVINEC (contact for Technical Secretary)


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