ICG/IOTWMS Post-IOWave16 Regional Workshop

Workshop on Lessons Learnt from Community Exercise of IOWave16

5 - 6 December 2016, Bandung, Indonesia

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Agenda # Code   Title Author Upd. On  
India - IOWave16 Ajay Kumar Bandela 20/01/17
The Role of BMKG Indonesia in Indian Ocean Tsunami Wave Exercise Andi Eka Sakya 20/01/17
Oman - IOWave16 Badar Al-Rumhi 20/01/17
Iran - IOWave16 Dr Ali Khoshkhologh 20/01/17
From Science to Tsunami Early Warning Policy Improvement Harkunti P. Rahayu and Team 20/01/17
Tsunami Risk Reduction Program in Padang Medi Herlianto and Rudy Rinaldy 20/01/17
IOWave16 Activities in BMKG Mochammad Riyadi 20/01/17
Pangandaran IOWave16 Ms Banda 20/01/17
BPBD Pandeglang Regency IOWave16 Pajiman Pajiono 20/01/17
Kenya - IOWave16 Peter M. Macharia 20/01/17
Strategic Documentation of IOWave16 Regional Tsunami Portal Puji Pujiono, Avianto Amri, Mizan Bustanul Fuady Bisri, Patra Rina Dewi 20/01/17
Mauritius - IOWave16 Ram Dhurmea 20/01/17
IOWave 2016 Pacitan Regency East Java Province Ratna Budiono 20/01/17
Seychelles - IOWave16 Regina Prosper 20/01/17
Comoros - IOWave16 Saifou-Dine Aliani and Col. Ismael Mognidado 20/01/17
Australia - IOWave16 Yuelong Miao 20/01/17
IOWave16: Review and Preliminary Report Yuelong Miao and Nora Gale 20/01/17
Pakistan - IOWave16 Zahid Rafi 20/01/17
Kegiatan IOWave 20/01/17

Other Documents

  Code   Title Upd. On  
  CL-2647 Workshop on Lessons Learnt from Community Exercise of IOWave16 and Intersessional Meeting of the ICG/IOTWMS WG1 on Tsunami Risk, Community Awareness and Preparedness 10/11/16
  Information for Participants - Bandung Post-IOWave16 Workshop and WG1 Meeting 01/12/16

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