IOCWIO-VII Regional Committee, Mombasa, Kenya, 18-22 July 2008

IOCWIO-VII Regional Committee will be held at Nyali Beach Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya from the 18-22 July 2008. Further details can be found in the Participant information document, and all working and information documents will be posted here for the meeting.

1 4.1.1 - Summary Proceedings of the IOGOOS Workshop & Fifth Annual Meeting (IOGOOS V) And Second High Level Review of Indian Ocean Panel (IOP)
2 4.2.1 - Progress Report On The Implementation of the Assessment Of Assessments (AOA)
3 4.4.3 - The IOC Handbook for Measuring the Progress and Outcomes of Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management
4 4.4.3 - Visions for a Sea Change: Report of the First International Workshop on Marine Spatial Planning
5 IOCWIO-VII Document 1 Agenda and Timetable
6 IOCWIO-VII Document 6 Intersessional Report
7 IOCWIO-VII: National report - Kenya
8 IOCWIO-VII: Participant Information
9 IOCWIO-VII: UNESCO Chair in Marine Sciences and Oceanography Progress Report
Dr. António Mubango Hoguane
10 IOC/EC-XLVII/2 Annex 2 Rev.: Report on Budget Execution (2012-2013) (05/06/14)
IOC Secretariat
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